Married men should once in a While have Sekz outside to strengthen their relationship- Papi of 5five fame

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Papi of 5five fame during an Interview has dropped a Piece of advice for all married men in the world on how to be happy. According to Papi, every married man must have a side piece he can call or have fun with periodically just to strengthen his marriage.

During the Interview, he revealed that he used to have multiple s*x partners when he was topping charts and being the talk of talk with his group, He claim he did all this using his fame and status.

He further revealed that marriage has never been in his books because he cannot imagine himself being stuck with just one woman for the rest of his life and claim Men should follow in his footsteps.

In his words, he said:“I dont believe in side chics, I believe in having fun. If you have a wife or serious girlfriend, maybe once in a while, you can have s*x outside, you know that thing. Not like you are leaving your Girlfriend for another girl. You are with her but the side chics make the relationship stronger because, on some days, you will get fed up. You can make a U-turn in town but your partner should be treated like a Queen”

“The bible however doesnt permit women to have multiple partners outside their marriage but men are allowed just like king Solomon, Maybe we are his descendant. I dont have kids, I actually want to get some now, God willing they will come.I want to be there with the woman, I want to get married before I have kids. I grew up in a broken home, I dont like the idea…. I am open to marriage”