Massive Reaction as “Ruth” of Date Rush Cries as her Rush was turned Off.

by - 2 mins

The Most Popular Reality show in Ghana now is Date Rush which airs on TV3, but the twists and events of the Show makes it the Number 1 on Trends every Sunday evening and today is of no exception.

One of the Characters of the show, that most viewers often see her as an antagonist or controversial is Ruth, this is obviously due to the grill of questions she poses to guys who come for a Date. However this Episode has only served Ruth with a Dose of her own venom and Music as the Males who come for a Date ignores her in the final Round.

For the Second time in a Row, Ruth who desperately wanted the 2nd Male Date Searcher had her Rush off, which made Ruth burst out in Tears on Live TV painting the painful tremors of Rejection. Is no news Ruth for once was willing to go on a Date with this Male Guests. As the event turned out some reactions on social media came out as supportive and sympathetic others appeared to be happy about the sad turn of events. See Tweets Below!