May D finally exposes Jude Okoye. Narrates how he made him sleep in the same room with his driver and cook while there was an empty duplex

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May D has shared his experience he had while staying with the former music duo PSquare and under the management of their elder brother Jude Okoye. Just after Sensation Cynthia Morgan narrated how she lost everything she made from music to Jude Okoye due to a contract she sign with the record label “Northside Music Group”

In a series of tweet he shared, the singer slammed people accusing him of being ungrateful. He also claimed that he never got paid for all he did for the music group, from writing Songs, to his vocal input in their Invasion album.

According to him, he never had a bank account while with the record label and also he was made to sleep in the same room with the Driver and his cook even tho there was an empty twin duplex.

See the tweet below