Medikal Is A Womanizer And Sister Derby Should Have Known Better-Says Wanlov Kuborlor

Ghanaian artist and brother of sister Derby, Wanlov Kuborlor finds joy in flaming the war between sister Derby and the Amg camp hence making new controversial statement.

He said in an interview that Fella Makafui always copies his sister’s life style and this created a whole mess but the singer hasn’t repented yet.

According to Wanlov, he has come to a conclusion that his sister’s ex boyfriend is a womanizer and he arrived at this conclusion listening to the rapper’s songs keenly and the lyrics only said one thing-that he is a womanizer. He explained that people who are real about their song or lyrics usually use what they have done or will be doing and Medikal usually talks about girls and that makes him a womanizer.

Below is his full statement…

“From his lyrics… He was talking about all different kinds of women and he was not saying those things for shows. Somehow, as a musician, if you’re really real to your craft, most of the things you say are things that you’ve done or want to do. So if she was looking at those signs, she would not be as hurt or surprised as she was,” said Wanlov who had earlier indicated that he is “not hundred percent sorry for Deborah because everybody has to learn and grow.”

“Yeah, as I’m saying, I was hoping she will [know] on her own,” Wanlov replied. “I haven’t seen him do any kind of move that I never liked before. But from the lyrics of his songs, you have to realize that this person wants a certain kind of lifestyle.”

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