Meet Arat Hossein. The 6 year old with 6 packs who dreams to play for Barcelona. Watch as he shows off his soccer skills

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Arat Hosseini is an Iranian boy. He was born with a football talent and being developed with the help of his father. He is currently a famous figure admired by many people across the globe. The young lad became an Internet sensation after a video of him wearing a Barcelona jersey and showing off his remarkable football skills surfaced online.

He was born in northern Iran but lives in Liverpool. According to his father, “After realizing my son’s talents, at the suggestion of those around me, I opened a page on Instagram, Which was extraordinarily welcome not only in Iran but also abroad.”

According to Arat’s father, When his son was 13 months old, Many foreign countries offered him to Immigrate from Iran but he refused at that time and continued to train his son in the country. The young lad has impressed a lot of foreign Football Star like Lionel Messi.

Below are some pictures and videos of him