Video:Meet The Village With Only Blind People In Ghana

A Village in Ghana called Lartey Village has been disclosed in Ghana and interestingly only blind people live in the village.

The blindness is said to have come by following a a curse invoked on them by a herbalist.

The village is made of four members of a family, father, mother and two of their children. According to Akua Yerentiewaa, a mother and a wife, the curse was invoked on them by a man whom her husband left custody of his Cocoa farm. To her, the man got angry, traveled to his hometown and used Juju to make them lose their sight after he stole some of the Cocoa beans meant to be shared between the owner of the Cocoa farm and the man whom it was left in his custody.

Speaking the Doctors’ report of her situation, Mrs Akua Yerentiewaa said that the doctor says, her blindness is spiritual. She mentioned that she and her family have been blind for more than ten years now.

Akua Yerentie mentioned that her husband is the first to go blind following herself, and two sons.

Speaking with Kofi Tv, Madam, Akua Yerentiewaa said that although she has three other daughters who are not blind but they hardly visit them in the village for fear of being infected.

Sadly, the man who invoked the curse on them is dead.

They have pleaded on Ghanaians to help them get someone to care for them.


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