Meet the Young GH Photographers “Twinsdntberg” who are in New York to Shoot American Singer Rihanna..

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There’s a famous Quote which reads, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and that’s what two young Photographers from Ghana are currently doing by setting the pace soo high that every youth needs to follow. Born twins in 1989 Samuel Appiah Gyan and Emmanuel Appiah Gyan started their photography venture few years ago and now it seems to be paying off immensely from taking Photographs of virtually every celebrity in Ghana to been the personal photographer of Ghana’s 2nd Lady Mrs Samira Bawumia.

Known for their exceptional work in the Industry and to the change the narration the twins have changed their names to a more suitable one called “Twinsdntbeg Jnr” and “Twinsdntbeg snr” which counters a popular adage in Ghana which seems to suggest “Twins are Beggars”, hence naming themselves “Twins Dont Beg” in Contrast to the norm.

Their Hard work has paid off as they have been invited to be part of the official Photographers for the ongoing Presendtial Awards in New York where the likes of Rihanna, 5O Cent amongst lots of Hollywood Personalities and Political Giants are currently in attendance. This however has put Ghana’s Photography back on the spotlight and also on the world’s scene with many hailing their works and efforts to bridge the gap and difference in photography. In reaction they posted series of messages to welcome the news in Screenshots below!

Ghanaian Photographers Twinsdntbeg
Ghanaian Photographers Twinsdntbeg