Meet Yvonne, The 16 year old daughter of Kennedy Agyapong as she tells 10 interesting facts about herself

The youngest daughter of the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has taken to Social Media to give 10 facts about herself.

Although the Member Parliament has revealed that he has 22 children, only of them are very active on social media.

The 7 daughters are although not from the same Mother, they bond beautifully and stay in the same house in USA.

Recently they revealed that they are all single and ready to mingle in a Question and answer game they posted on their social media page.

The youngest daughter identified as Yvonne Agyapong who is 16 and would soon turn 17 years has shared some interesting facts about her life.

According to the facts she dropped, she uses her leisure hours to read, draw, write, Photograph people and listen to Music.

She wrote: Hi, everyone! My name’s Yvonne (the youngest of the 7), I’m 16 but soon to be 17!

So here are 10 things to know about me:
1. I love to read, write, draw, photograph people, and listen to music in my free time.

2. I’m the biggest movie fan in the world! I absolutely love watching movies all day every day while I work.

3. I started school at one year old.

4. I’ve been the top of my class since the fourth grade.

5. I’m a forensics champion in the categories Declamation and Original Oratory.

6. I am a book collector and own over 220 books.

7. I am a perfectionist!

8. I love, love, love fashion! Always have to dressed to impress!

9. I never lose an argument. I hate to lose at anything in general.

10. I am terrible at any and all sports, so I won’t be playing for the Black Stars anytime soon!

So glad to share a little bit about myself with you guys!



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