“Mental Illness Is Not Something To Be Ashamed About” YBNL Princess Fires At Those Insulting Her Because Of Her Mental Health (Screenshots).

Nigerian singer, YBNL Princess real name Temmie Ovwasa has fired at those shaming her because of her mental health.

Temmie has said that mental Illness is not something to be ashamed about sbecause even people who have malaria or get sick always seek for help.

She said that she has being outspoken about her mental health and how she battles with depression so she doesn’t understand why people always like to make her feel ashamed.

She wrote;

“Lmao, What is a “shame”?

“Had to get some things off my chest this morning. Also, If you live with a mental illness, Listen, Person we get Malaria no dey shame, when people get sick..what do they do? They talk, they fucking seek help. MENTAL ILLNESS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT,

“Talk, scream if you have to but don’t ever be ashamed and don’t you fucking give up on yourself. EVEN IF THE WORLD DOES.”

See screenshots below;

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