Mercy Eke Splurges $3,000 And iPhone 12 On Her Friend As She Celebrates Birthday, Netizens React(Video)

Reality TV star and entrepreneur, Mercy Eke a.k.a Mercy Lambo is in the news again for splurging her about $3,000 and an Iphone on her friend named Tarries18 as she celebrates her birthday on Tuesday, December 1.

This is coming days after she reportedly purchased 3 iPhone 12 for her friends. Mercy streamed the moment on Snapchat, in the video Tarres18 was served breakfast in bed before the dollars began to ‘rain’.

This video has sparked reactions from thousands of Nigerians. Many have praised her for it, others have also said they would love to be like her.

Some reactions read;

@ChiomaDoctor wrote;

“@real_mercyeke coman spoil me too, today is my birthday😩😩. Happy birthday to your friend tarries, God bless her.”

@joxiefoxxy wrote;

“I want to be as evil and hypocrite as mercy so I can make others smile😫😫😫😫 @real_mercyeke this your bad character is what i desire to be. I don’t want to be real.”

@Stargirl_001 wrote;

“Get u a friend like Mercy Eke aka Lambo who comes through raining dollars and the latest iPhone on ur birthday. My Fave.”

@Onomhe wrote;

“After receiving iphone 12 as birthday gift frm mercy,tarres also received money.. just get you a friend like mercy..she loves to see people happy🥰🥰🥰❤”

See video/reactions below;



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