Moesha Bodoung Allegedly Has Butt Cancer

by - 1 min

Some few days ago, we reported a news article which suggested that popular Ghanaian Instagram personality, Moesha Boduong uses a special cushion in order to sit down properly. Well, according to a source close to the actress, her doctor has advised her to always put on extra cushions on every seat she finds herself and that’s the reason, where ever Moesha sits there is an extra cushion to support her butt.

We first saw Moesha with her special cushion when she attended the Pae Mu Ka concert by Obrafour at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Immediately she left her seat to join the stage, patrons at event saw there was a huge extra cushion on her chair which was supporting her butt as advised by the doctor.At another time too, she was seen on a plane with yet another white cushion as support.

As we speak, Moesha hasn’t confirmed nor denied this but await her response.