Moesha Bodoung Shades Tracey Boakye Over Gloria Kani’s Revelation

Actress Moesha Bodoung who is widely tagged of warming beds of big men has taken to social media to share a cryptic message that seem directed at Tracey Boakye.

Not long ago actress come evangelist Gloria Kani disclosed that Tracey gossiped about Moesha to her. According to her Tracey told her that she feels pity for Moesha because she rents her apartment yet rides in a Range Rover.

She also said Tracey told her that Moesha said after having her backside worked on she doesn’t get men to give her so much money leading to her facing financial constraints.

Moesha didn’t react immediately but a recent post of her has her throwing shade at her disloyal fans.

In a post Moesha wrote; Stuck in a generation ωђεяε loyalty is just a tattoo,love is just a quote απd lying is †ђε new truth…
I don’t belong in this generation🤷‍♀️

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