Moesha Boduong Caught With A Married Man At A Hotel In Nigeria

Partial actress and slay queen Moesha Boduong has always been accused by social media folks of engaging in ‘ashawobrity business’ which she always deny whenever it is raised.

However a Nigeria blogger has caught Moesha at a hotel called Oriental Hotel in Lekki, Nigeria with a married man.

According to the blogger she tried waiting for Moesha at the reception when she notice that she had booked a room in the hotel with her sugar daddy so that she can have a chat with her. To her disappointment, Moesha left the hotel earlier than she expected making it impossible for her to talk with Moesha.

She revealed that the receptionist at the hotel even told her that the man Moesha was with is a regular customer who usually goes there with several other girls.

The blogger in question says the man is married and she knows his wife personally. This could be dangerous for Moesha as she might report Moesha to his wife.

Check her post below:
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