Moesha Boduong finally opens up on why she made the suicidal post on social media

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A few days ago, Moesha Boduong caused a massive stir on the internet after she posted a comment which many considered as a suicide not.

A lot of her friends reached out to her to offer their help but she never reacted or responded which got many of her fans worried for her life.

She later deleted the post but many people claim since she hasnt come out to clear the air, her life might still be at risk.

Finally Moesha has come out to deny such allegation saying she ill never ever kill herself.

“I posted that because a friend is dead and I was think about life. Life is short so we should enjoy it to the fullest. I’m perfectly fine ad I haven’t thought of committing suicide” She wrote

“I am currently in Tarkwar working on a movie, I will never commit suicide. I want to ensure everyone that I am doing fine and that post was meant for a departed friend”