More trouble for Nigerian Influencer as Nigerian Actress Daniella Okeke vows to give her Wotowoto for duping her

by - 2 mins

It was reported here Yesterday that a Nigerian Instagram Influencer Identified as Teju Pretty was meceilessly beaten by a Business woman whom she ripped after The Business woman mistakenly sent her 800,000 Naira which was meant for her lawyer.

She claim it was mistakenly because Teju and her Lawyer has similar names and that Teju was a beneficiary of her account since she pays her to advertise her hair business {Myhair} as an influencer.

However Teju only sent 650,000 which the excuse that she has always reached her Limit, Aside that she keep replying the Business woman rudely and giving attitude when she was asked to send the remain balance she then blocked the Business woman when she called her out. The Business woman claim she then sent a message to Teju to pay the money back or face her wrath whenever they meet face to face.

In the video fast going viral, Teju is seen with a group of women in a room who were demanding for the money, however Teju kept asking the number of years its being and that the woman should let it go. A few second later, the Business woman is seen on top of Teju giving her the beatings of her life as she promised. They were then separated by a man in the room but they keep being at each other’s throat the least chance they got.

Reacting to this, Nigerian Actress Daniella Okeke has congratulated the Business woman for dealing with Teju, She then vowed to give Teju her own wotowoto wherever she see her for refusing to send her an item she bought from her.