Mother of the boy who died at KNUST SHS finally Speaks

Mother of the Student who died in KNUST SHS on Tuesday has finally given a chilling account of how her son passed away. The Student whose nickname is identified as Legacy was suffering from severe stomachache and was left in the hands of his colleagues for hours without the school authorities doing anything about it despite the fact that they saw him in pains.

His mother, Madam Comfort narrated on Octecnews on Wednesday 8th of July. In the video, his friends could be seen trying to save his life whiles some teachers were spotted standing distance away as they claim they feared they boy might have contracted the deadly COVID19.

Richard Sam, the deceased has been a day student since he started the school but only went to the boarding house when school reopened for the final year student to go write their exams in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic,

According to his Mom, Her son was an ulcer patient and she even tried to visit him on Sunday but she was turned away by the security man. “I was prevented from seeing my child on Sunday, just a day before the incident. The security men at the gate drove me away like Chicken” she alleged

She then went back sad with all the things she had bought for the boy because the security men have been given strict instructions not to allow any one on the campus.

She further said that, They could have have just taken him to the hospital which was close to the school” Madam Comfort is a trader who sold cloths to take care of Richard and his Siblings.

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