Mourn And Leave Us Alone-Nigerians Blast Abba Kyari’s Daughter For Calling Them Evil

Many Nigerians have asked Abba Kyari’s daughter, Aisha Abba Kyari who tried to play victim of her father’s death by asking her to mourn her late father instead of trolling Lola.

In a post on social media, stated that she is perfectly aware that Lola Omotay and others who kept asking about the where about of her father can now rest well at night now that they know he si dead.

This didn’t sit well with many Nigerians who are dragging the young lady on social media and blaming her of allowing Nigerians to troll her using her own words.


juls_babe5:Madam mourn and leave pple alone. Your late dad has every right to give account of his movements and all.

funeral_undertakers:We’re just angry that we didn’t get to dance with her wicked father. If she talk anyhow, we go follow carry her dance😈😈😈

symply_joma:🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shey na today Lola ask the question, why is she replying now, let me run 🏃🏻‍♀️ to Twitter because they will soon start dragging generators

vivicaanuforo:Na only him children I dey feel for can’t be easy being the child of someone who isn’t the people’s favorite

omaa_clothings:Like Father like daughter. So we can’t ask questions again?

hanson_idy:She just subscribed to her own dragging for free

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