Must Read:Becca’s One Year Marriage Anniversary Letter To Husband Will Give You Goose Bumps

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Regardless of the number of challenges Ghanaian musician born Rebecca Acheampong but known in showbiz as Becca faces in life especially with her mother which recently surfaced, the young mother has proved that her husband is her pillar in a note she wrote to celebrate their marriage anniversary.

In the note the artiste, disclosed that her husband Dr Tobi Sanni Daniel was well brought up, loving, caring, intelligent and a problem solver which clearly tells that Becca is happy in her marriage and has found the man of her dreams

She added that some people might not like their union but she doesn’t care about it as the only thin she cares for is that her marriage works and becomes a testimony.

Is Becca trying to say she doesn’t care whether her mum supports her union with Tobi?

Continuing her anniversary note, she expressed how grateful she is to have been counselled at church before she went ahead with the marriage.

Not long ago, Becca’s mum came publicly that her daughter’s husband is a fraud who wants to steal her daughter and her money away from her. However, Becca’s love letter to her hubby claerly tells that she doesn’t care about what her mother thinks.