My Baby Dady Was Divorced Before I Met Him-Yvonne Nelson Clears The Air on Having A Married Man As Baby Daddy

Producer and mother of one has heated tweeter this week when she lost her cool on a social media users post.

The actress posted ‘Know your worth’ on social media to inspire her followers that day as part of her usual routine but unfortunately things went sour.

In reacting to her post a social media user, named Charles Mensah commented that Yvonne claims to know her worth yet she had a baby with a married man and this made Yvonne furious to the extent of cursing him. She also warned him to never add her daughter in anything negative else she will descend on him.

After all the jabs she clarified that her baby daddy was never a married man when she met him, he was divorced and his first two children were not even children of his ex wife.

She added that Ryn, her daughter’s father is a good father to all his children so all social media users should back off.

Check the chat below:
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