My Pictures Taken To Juju Shrine To Bewitch Me – Duncan Williams Reveals

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has revealed that his pictures were recently taken to a juju shrine with the intention to hex him.

It, however, did not work, he said, because the Lord revealed it to him and also redeemed him from it.

“One time”, the founder of the Christian Action Faith Ministries narrated to his congregation during the second service on Sunday, 20 October 2019, “I was in America, a few months ago and the Lord woke me up early in the morning and said: ‘They’ve sent your picture to a shrine and they’re casting spells on your picture and they are using divination and casting enchantment over your picture; get up and take divine immunity and deal with it’”.

“A few hours later, one of my sons called and said: ‘Papa, they’ve taken your picture to some places’. I said: ‘I know’. He asked: ‘How do you know?’ I said the Lord told me. I said: ‘I take divine immunity’, and I started praying.

“I said: ‘To wherever they’ve taken my picture under the sun and in the underworld region to the regions of the sea, I command the boomerang of enchantment and divination and incantation over my picture; whatever spells and rituals they are casting on my pictures and on the pictures of my children and my household, let there be a boomerang and let the angels descend on them’. And I said: ‘Oh God, to whom vengeance belongs, You said vengeance is Yours, You’ll revenge; I appeal to the God of vengeance: show forth thyself. Oh God of vengeance, shine forth – Psalm 94: 1 and 2. And it turned”, he noted.

Apart from attempts to bewitch him, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said he has also suffered smear campaigns orchestrated by fellow preachers who aimed to sully his reputation by scandalising and stigmatising him.

He said they “scandalise you, stigmatise you, give you a bad reputation, set you up and frame you and implicate you and spread a bad reputation about you in town”, adding: “I’ve been there before when somebody came to sit down with me and told me that a lot of the things we write about you are coming from some other preachers in town; preachers who operate by sorcery, who are diviners, magicians that have become men of God and are afraid and worried about your influence and your punches, so, they have to do something to discredit you and to look better and to look good”.

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