“My son never saw my naketness” Poloo finally takes about the Photo that sent her to jail

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Ghanaian Actress Akuapem Poloo has finally opened up about the unfortunate incident she had which took her to Nsawam Prison. A couple of years ago, Rosemond Alade Brown popularly known as Akuapem Poloo made headlines after a Phot of herself and her son hit social media.

In the Photo, Rosemond is seen kneeling in front of her son naket while her son has only his boxer on and she did this Photo shoot just to make his Big Day. According to her, she claim the whole concept was to let her son know how he came into this world.

She wrote: ” Son today reminds me of the day I gave birth to you with no stress and no regret….30th June 2013 exactly 4:46am Sunday ahah I still remember this day paa because it really meant a lot to me, I only felt the 30 minute pain when you were turning to come out??? You were so good to me. I gave birth with no complications, no cute no disability Haha I love you son. You see how you are looking at me?? Always remember that I love you. I am naked in front of you because this is how naked I was giving birth to you, So in case you find me naked lying somewhere dont pass by me but rather see me as your Mum who brought you to life . Happy Birthday to you @sonof_poloo”

Reacting to this, Poloo claim her son never saw her nakedness but rather she had something covering her private part and her hair covering her Boobs.