My Stubbornness Won’t Allow Me To Marry A Young Man-Says Regina Daniel

Teen actress Regina Daniel, who marriage to 58 years old Ned Nwoko raised a lot of controversies and she has given her reason for the choice of a man.

In an interview which is making waves on the internet, the teen actress was heard saying that she married an older man and not a young man because she is stubborn.

According to her, because she respects Ned, he is able to tame her but that wouldn’t have been same if he was her age.

When asked how she calls her husband, she stated that she calls him ‘baby’.

Ned Nwoko who was sitting close to Regina upon hearing baby said he is the youngest baby in town.

For all indications, the actress and her husband look happy together so its high time people stopped bothering themselves about her like her mother said.

Watch the video below:
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