Mzbel mocks Tracey Boakye amidst reports that Papa No has kicked her out of the East Legon Masion

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Ghanaian Legendary Songstress Mzbel has reacted to the ongoing brouhaha between her Rival Tracey Boakye and their Papa No. Mzbel in a video is seen trolling her ach rival for bragging over a house which wasnt even hers.

In the video, Mzbel is seen with her work who were unbraiding her hair as she laughs wholeheartedly over Tracey Boakye’s incident. While laughing she then made certain sarcastic comments mocking the Actress who recently got married.

She claim amid laughter than she has go get married. Social media users have since called her out for always causing trouble and then turn around to play the victim. Tho Tracey is yet to reply her it wont be a surprise if they rekindle their “Papa no” beef.