Mzbel reacts to Tracey Boakye’s rants about her, drops Bombshell on her she acquired her Properties

Tracey Boakye has finally mentioned the name of her rival she was bashing live on Instagram. In her latest Facebook live rant, Tracey said the sugar daddy she and Mzbel are dating has dumped Mzbel.

According to her, she is now with the sugar Daddy and the man has dumped Mzbel for Good, She said The man has dumped Mzbel because her genital organ is smelling and has grey hair.

She added that she has banned the Sugar Daddy from giving Mzbel Money that’s why she Tracey has been able to buy houses and cars. She called Mzbel a F00l and teased her to dye her 45 year old coochie.

In the video, she also revealed how Mzbel blackmailed a certain prophet and Took 50k from him after threatening that she would accuse him of rape.

Mzbel has come out to react to such allegation from Tracey, Mzbel has rubbished such claims in an Instagram Live she did. According to her, Tracey has just exposed the fake live she lives on Social Media to the World.

She also dropped a Bombshell claiming that Tracey has been blackmailing her Baby Daddy for Properties all in the mane of she has given birth for him.

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