Nana Agradaa blodly exposes Rev Obofour and Maame Ode, Reveals certain secrets and Claims she isnt scared of them

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Sowutuom based fetishist Priestess, Nana Agradaa has opened up on her relationship the “Apuutoor hit maker before she moved to the camp of Rev Obofour

According to her, She still loves Maame Ode despite her moving from her camp to Rev Obofour’s.

“She came to me and Sung for me. I got to known her through Big Akwess.” “I am telling you all a secret today. Maame Ode was the one who sang for me during my father’s funeral. She was making songs for me before moving to Obofour’s Camps. She is a good musician” she said.

“Obofour you have done well but I’m not afraid of saying this, there have been instances you go and pick cars you give out”.

But I am watching you. Wherther you will go and pick this one too or Not” Agradaa warns Obofour.