NDC Will never Win 2024 elections-Stephen Atubiga Predicts Doom For Former Party

by - 2 mins

Former member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who recently denounced his membership has said that with the kind of leaders that party has it doesn’t stand a chance of wining 2024 election.

According to him, he has created a new party and as far as his party will be contesting the election NDC will never win because his newly created party will determine who wins the election.

“NDC will never win the 2024 elections…mark it…Looking at the state of the party and its leaders, they can never win the 2024 elections. My party will determine the winner of that election…so in as much as my party will be contesting, NDC will never win”, Atubigah stated.

He stressed that the party also lost the 2020 general election because it’s leaders focused on intimacy and women with big assets.

“I have not seen politicians who like s** like the leadership of the NDC…there were internal strategic backside and external backside which sinked the party ….During election, we don’t have s** for long but they were having s** all day… Mahama’s defeat was a deliberate calculated betrayal…They intentionally caused Mahama’s defeat.”

He also noted that most people who were given responsibilities failed to execute it and that also caused Mahama’s defeat.