Netflix Takes Down ”Slay” Movie After Wendy Shay Threatened To Sue The Producers

Netflix, an International movie platform has pulled down the ”Slay” movie from it’s platform after self acclaimed queen of Ghana music Wendy Shay threatened to take legal actions against producers of the movie for featuring her song without her consent.

The singer threatened to sue the producers after she found out her song was featured on the movie without her knowledge.

Wendy gave the producers an option of doing the needful with her management team or prepare for a lawsuit. This seems to have triggered the movie getting pulled down.

So, I watched this movie last night on Netflix and my song, ‘All for you’ was featured without my consent or that of my management. Producers of the movie ‘Slay’, it is a crime to use someone’s intellectual property without her consent. Kindly do the needful or i will see y’all in court”, she expressed her displeasure.

It appears the producers of the movie didn’t heed to Wendy’s advice hence Netflix taking it’s own action.



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