“Nigeria Doesn’t Have A Legitimate Constitution!” Activist Omoyele Sowore Blows Hot, Nigerians React- See Screenshots.

Nigerian activist, Omoyele Sowore has taken a swipe at the Nigerian government concerning the 1999 Constitution which is currently being used to govern the country.

Sowore has said that Nigeria has no legitimate constitution and the ‘document’ which is currently being paraded as the constitution isn’t even worth the papers upon which it is printed.

The Revolution Now campaigner made this notion via a tweet on his official Twitter page on Monday, January 25.

He tweeted;

“I’ve consistently declared this point, Nigeria doesn’t have a legitimate constitution, the document currently paraded as a “constitution” is not worth the paper(s) upon which it is printed! #RevolutionNow”

Meanwhile, this tweet has continued to work comments from Nigerians, most have supported him, however, a few have pointed out that the constitution has been amended five times so there’s no justification for his outburst.

Some reactions read;

@SlimTerra wrote;

“The only thing that can save Nigeria now is a mass revolution because what’s happening all around Nigeria is enough evidence that there’s a need for a revolution, Nigeria is ripe for a revolution we can’t be suffering and smiling our leaders capitalize on that.#RevolutionNow”

@RoscoFald wrote;

“#RevolutionNow is the solution. You can’t be beating a child and expected him not to cry. Enough is enough”

@NasiruAgahu wrote;

“Wow @YeleSowore,the level of your mental decay is detestable. Going by this video, a sane Nigerian should know that the constitution has been amended Five times and the continues amendment of every Countries Constitution is common knowledge, so please don’t be a psychopath.”

@igweonyeagwam wrote;

“It’s clear now that dis zoo of a country don’t have any constitution 🤧🤧🤧🤧”

See screenshots below;



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