Nigerian skit maker Flora reveals how her male colleagues are sleeping with women just to put them in their videos

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  • Female skit maker flora has revealed how some of her male colleagues sleep with women just to feature them in their video
  • The young comedian claim she is very disgusted at how some ladies throw themselves to these skit makers just for a few minute of fame

Nigerian Female comedian Miz Gabbie popularly known as Flora 222 has dropped a video of how her male colleagues sometimes sleep with ladies just so they can get featured in their skit or TikTok videos. According to flora she is very disgusted at the rate which young ladies throw themselves at this male content creators just for a little fame.

She then advised ladies to desist from such act as they can also achieve such fame if they work hard rather than giving their bodies to men for just 8 minutes of fame or just a handful of follower. Flora is known as one of the best female comedian in Nigeria as her content has generated her alot of followers.

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