Nigerians blasts and disregard President Buhari on Twitter

Several Nigerians on Twitter have blasted President Muhammadu Buhari on Twitter for tweeting he has approved the release of 30,000 tons of maize to animal feed producers. He said this on Thursday, September 3.

Nigerian blasts President Buhari

According to him because of the pandemic, food has being on the hike in Nigeria and middle men are extorting citizens. So the 30,000 tons of maize would be released from the national reserve in order to ease the high cost of poultry production.

Nigerians have however replied the president asking him, if maize would be the citizens food now. Several others have taken to the comment section to advertise the own handles, with the ‘I follow back’ (IFB) thread.

See tweet below:

See some of the replies by Nigerians below:

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