Nigerians Mock Regina Daniels As She Cries Bitterly Over Inability To Travel Because of Coronavirus

Heavily pregnant teen actress Regina Daniels has taken to social media to cry over the presence of coronavirus at this time of her life and many social media users have jumped to the conclusion that she is crying of inability to travel.

Many have assumed that all the tears the actress is shedding is all because of the fact that she cannot travel outside Nigeria to have her baby.

Some have stated that whether she likes it or not she will certainly have her child in Nigeria due to the prevalence of coronavirus all over the world.

This certainly means that the actress had earlier plans of traveling to the state to have her first baby but this will not see the light of the day since there are still bans on travels for many countries because of the novel coronavirus that is taken long to disappear.

The actress cried on social media stating that coronavirus has come at the wrong time in her life.




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