Nigerians Rain Fire And Brimstone After Buhari Says He Remains Committed To Lifting 100 Million Nigerians From Poverty.

Nigerians on social media are currently blasting President Muhammadu Buhari for reinstating his commitment to lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty.

President Buhari has always stated that his adminstration since 2015 would try as much as possible to see to it that Nigerians are empowered. This has led to the introduction of many beneficiary grants most of which was to empower those in the agricultural sector.

Taking to his Twitter page on Thursday, December 10, he announced that the beneficiaries of NPower one of the empowerment programmes will be doubled. He also stated that he has approved the increase in the scope of the Social Investment Programme.

He tweeted;

“We remain committed to the plan to lift 100m Nigerians out of poverty. To this end I have approved an increase in scope of our Social Investment Programme:

“Doubling of @npower_ng beneficiaries to 1 million; 1 million new @geep_ng beneficiaries & 5 million new pupils for @NHGSFP.”

This didn’t go down well with millions of Nigerians who have said that he has been making promises since 2015 but they haven’t seen any common man who was lifted out of poverty.

Some even stated that there are over 200 million Nigerians and if a significant amount has been lifted out of poverty by Buhari’s administration, they would know. As of the time of filing this report the hashtag ‘#100million’ is trending.

Some reactions reads;

@Jillomanny wrote;

“One thing I find mystic about Nigeria is that Nigeria is inscrutable.  Notwithstanding, three things about her puzzles me.

  1. She is the only country in recession where people throw millions of naira in the air at parties.2. “World’s poverty capital “

@KingKachi5 wrote;

“You remain committed to lifting 100m Nigerians out of poverty into severe poverty. @MBuhari tell us where you lifting this 100m Nigerians into?”

@balohmd wrote;

“So Buhari knows 100m Nigerians are extremely poor yet believes closing borders for 14months and sharing 30k is what will bring them out of poverty?”

@Ejalanaaaaa wrote;

“trying to understand this  govt is like trying to understand why EVE ate d forbidden fruit… want to lift 100m Nigerians out of poverty yet u have made life difficult, were an average man cannot even live average any more…wat a crazy govt”

@Frankcis_ wrote;

“Lol the money is too small to make any real difference in people’s lives. 10k or 30k cannot lift anybody out of poverty, people will just buy what they need at the moment. It’s a very terrible economic plan.”

See tweets below;




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