”No 88 District Hospitals, No Stable Electricity, No New Universities, No New Job Opportunities, No Increase In Salaries, No Water! – John Dumelo Reacts To #FixTheCountry Campaign Going Viral On Social Media

Pinaxonline.com earlier reported on Ghanaian actor cum politician and father of 1, John Setor Dumelo, responding to the new Cocoa production by China as it exports its first batch to Belgium.

Report had it that China has started production of Cocoa in its tropical region of Guangzhou and made its first trade to Belgium after Nana Addo expressed Ghana will no longer export its raw Cocoa beans.

Be that as it may, Chinese first production has put Ghana on a worried table as Ghana is known to be the second world makers of cocoa. This has made John Dumelo stress over the condition of the country in the years as China produces cocoa gradually.

As per him, if Ghana doesn’t scale up on its Cocoa related exercises, China will in certain years to come bridge Ghana in cocoa production.

Well, John Duemlo has once again reacted to the current #FixTheCountry campaign that is ongoing on social media.

According to John Dumelo, there are no 88 hospitals as promised by Nana Addo’s government, no stable electricity, no new universities in addition to the old ones, no new job opportunities, and so forth and so on.

John Dumelo took to the microblogging and tweeted with caption;

”No 88 district hospitals, no stable electricity, no new universities, no new job opportunities, no increase in salaries, no water! #FixTheCountry

Checkout his tweet and some reactions below;

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