“Nobody Can Arrest Me, I’m Doing God’s Work!” Shekau Brags In New Video, Nigerians React.

Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram terrorist sect has boasted that he can never be arrested because he is doing the work of God.

Shekau said that God will protect him just like how He protects those doing similar work. This is coming after the Nigerian Army on November 11 flagged off manhunt for him and several others.

In the video which was spotted by Hum Angle, Shekau said that God will protect him and his commanders. The video is alleged to be 30 minutes long, however the primary source of the video hasn’t been traced.

He said;

“Nobody can apprehend me, because I’m doing God’s work. He will protect me like those doing similar work and seeking His protection,

“I’m very sure God will protect my commanders. We are all doing God’s work.”

In the video, Shekau was shown sitting circled by two of his fighters holding guns in a less spacious room.

“Arresting me will not stop the work we started. What confuses you is you think the religion is mine but it belongs to Allah,”

Shakau reportedly spoke about the repentant Boko Haram members who were granted amnesty by the government.

In his words;

“They have left the fold of religion,”

Meanwhile, Nigerians have reacted to this news. Currently on Nigerian Twitter the hashtag ‘#Shekau’ is trending. Most Nigerians are intrigued by the fact that Shekau has media connections which makes sure his videos cannot be traced in most cases. Some Nigerians have also condemned the Nigerian Army for announcing the manhunt. Others have said that they don’t believe Shekau is in Sambisa forest as the snapshot from the video depicts a well furnished home.

See screenshots below;

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