Nollywood Actor Alex Ekubo’s ex fiance finally reveals why she called off their engagement

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The beautiful ex fiance of Nollywood Actor Alex Ekubo has finally apologized to him a year after she called off their famous engagement. The Entrepreneur and American Actress has finally cleared ghe air as tto what actually led to their break up.

Last year 2021, Alex’s finance called out their wedding just three months to their engagement. The two sparked break up when they unfollowed and deleted Photos of them together on social media.

In her statement, she sparked an outrage when she made the Phrase “Living in that truth”. That Phrase caused a lot of trouble as social media users and the Media began questing the sexuality of Alex. Rumors of the Nollywood Actor been gay was the topic of town at the moment and the Phrase mad matters worse.

However Fancy is back again to clarify things and why she made that Phrase which spark a wide debate on social media. See post below