Nollywood Actor Mike Ezuronye slammed with Scamming allegations as ladies accuse him of duping them

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Nollywood Actor, Mike Ezuronye has been accused by Popular Blogger Cutie Jules of scamming a lot of Ladies. The blogger is very known for Bring out secret of celebrities. She recently alleged that Davido has a fourth and fifth baby mama in the USA which the singer has not come out to deny or confirm the news.

According to her, Mike Ezuronye was sponsored by E – Money when they use to be friends but after he dissed E Money when he has an argument with Soso. She wrote; The way ladies have been approaching me with Oga Mike’s new format of collecting money from them is very alarming. :

I swear down I really feel for him. But who send am to go and badmouth his main sponsor E-money during e-money and Soso’s beef na. :

Now, see as Oga haff turned to beggar/scammer. Not Hushpuppi kain scam o. Nooo, this one na gigolo kian one.

Oga was thinking Soso will be lavishing money on him just like Emoney was doing for him. For where? Abegi. Now see! Emoney made Oga looked like one kian big boy. Now see level 😩. Never bite the hand that feeds you. #prayforogamik