Nollywood Actress Mary Njoku’s husband, Jason Njoku shocking reveals how his wife was bed ridden and in wheelchair for months

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CEO of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku has narrated a sad untold story of him and his wife Nollywood Actress Mary Njoku have been facing for yeas.

Taking to Twitter, he narrated how their ordel began a week to their wedding and how it continued for years. He wrote: A week before Mrs Njoku & I got married she had her 2nd miscarriage. On the morning of the wedding terrified she asked me (desperately looking for assurance) that would we be happy if she couldnt have kids. The morning.

Obi was a straight forward pregnancy at 9.9lbs he was a giant baby, Kaego had complications that had Mrs Njoku using crutches. For Nnenna Mrs Njoku was bed ridden & in a wheel chair for 5 months with pelvic girdle pain. Everyday extreme pain. We thought we would lose Nnenna

There is a way you will hold your children tight when you truly believe that they were God’s blessing for you. Specifically for Mary and I. When people mention to me that I have a perfect life; I smile. Nothing is perfect. We are all scared & going through our own struggles