Northerners are not fit to lead the NPP’s as Flagbearer, they are only best for running mates – Hopeson Adorye

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Ghanaian Politician Hopeson Adorye has ridiculed Northerners in the ruling NPP government as he campaigns massively for Alan Kyerematen. During the “Walk for Alan” in kumasi which took place on Sunday, Hopeson claim Northerners are only suited to be ruling mates and not eligible to be Presidents.

According to him, NPP has three traditions which is the Danquah, Busia and the Dombo. He claim the leadership is always between the Danquah and Busia’s with the Dombo serving as running mates thats playing the second fiddle. He then called for that Tradition to remain unchanged.

In his words” One thing, NPP is Traditional, Busian, Danquah Dombo are our Tradition. Hopeson claim Danquah symbolizes the Eastern Region and the South while Busia symbolizes the Ashanti’s and Bono with the Dombo representing the Northern Region.

“When Danquah leads, the Busia’s step aside but there is a Dombo and when a Busia leads, Danquah’s step aside but there is always a Dombo for running mate. These people are constantly there.”

“In 1992, Danquah’s Albert Adu Boahen fought a Dombo. 1996 saw a great Alliance, In 2000, Kufour a Busia, a Busia, ran with a Dombo as Running mate. After Kufoour, Akufo Addo returned to Danquah with Vice President Bawumia a Dombo as Running mate. If it went to Danuah, came to Busia, went to Danquah again, where should it come now if not Busia”