NPP Will Break The 8-year Terms Cycle- Warrior Prophet Paul Kusi Appiah

The year 2020 will mark the beginning of a new era where a political party would be maintained in office and go on to win another general election in 2024, founder of the Nyam3 Tease Ampa Prayer ministry has prophesied.

Below are some of the prophecies Prophet Paul Kusi Appiah delivered during his 31st night service in 2019.

1.Heavy infrastructure across the nation.

2.The Lord will bless the country with a lot of money and people won’t complain much about money.

3.Let’s pray to avert fire outbreaks across the nation.

4.A lot of doctors and nurses will be attacked by the spirit of death.

5.Kidnappings and the Lord will expose any attempts.

6.Evil minded people will target pregnant women.

7.Heavy pass mark for both the final year students of the S.H.S and J.H.S and it will be recorded as unprecedented.

8.People will die with boils in their body.

9.People will be hired to put some poison in food used to feed school children but the Lord will expose any attempts by them.

10.A lot of pastors and their families will be attacked both spiritually and physically.

11.Let’s pray for the Ghana police to avert any attack on them.

12.Madam Jean Mensah will be the best E.C chair ever and would be saluted by the whole world after the 2020 elections.

13.The President should give the I.G.P position to Kofi Boakye if he wants peace. He has been ordained by God in the spiritual realm to take that seat.

14.In election 2020, President Akufo-Addo will retain his seat by 51.3 percent and former President Mahama will get 46.9 percent.

15.Ghanaians will enjoy football again.

16.NPP will break the 8-year terms government cycle and move it to 24 years. Nothing can stop this from happening in Jesus name.

17.There is joy coming in the country and there are good signs from the spiritual realm but let’s pray to avert unnatural death thus suicide across the country.

18.there’s going to be heavy rainfall from January to September and it can bring hunger to the nation.

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