Nurse who recorded the harassment audio of the Manager of the Sawla NHIS reveals how she did it

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The nurse who recorded the District Manager of Sawla NHIA after he tried to sexually harass her has come out to narrate how she did it. The audio has gone viral and has since attracted massive attention from Ghanaians.

In the viral audio, Mr Mahama Sakara tried to harass Mrs Doreen Smith who is a Nurse at Soma CHPS compound in the Sawla Tuba Kalba District in the Savanna Region.

Many Ghanaian wondered how she did it after the audio hit online. Others also claim what she did was a pure set up to disgrace the manager. Speaking to Kofi Adoma, the nurse explained how she did it and she also revealed that this is not the first time the Manager has tried to harass her.

According to her she revealed that one day the Manager invited he to his house to help him with his house chores after he tried to sleep with her if not for the timely intervention of the manager’s brother who appeared on the scene he would have had his way.

On the 8th of July, the day she recorded the audio, the manager came to the facility already erected, she then revealed that the state she saw the manager in she immediately knew he taken some drugs before coming in.

She claim she struggled with the manager for about an hour but he didnt seem ready to give up that was when she decided to take an action and get concrete evidence against him.

She explained that she told the manager that she wanted to charge her phone because her phone was dying so he gave her the chance and she picked up the phone to charge but then after she plugged the charger she decided to set the recorder without the notice of the manager.