Obaseki is free to return to APC if he chooses – Governor Wike

Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State Governor and member of the People’s Democratic Party says Governor Godwin Obaseki can return to the All Progressives Congress APC if that’s what he (Obaseki) wants.

The governor was at the fore-front of sensitizing the people of Edo State so that they would vote Obaseki in during the election. Wike was also the Chairman of the PDP Campaign Council for the Edo State governorship election of which Obaseki won.

Wike made this disclosure during an interview with Channel TV on Friday, September 25 when he was asked what his reaction would be if Obaseki was defect the PDP for his former party the APC.

He responded;

“I don’t want to discuss something that is not going to be possible. However, assuming it happens, so what? That is politics.

If the governor believes that the PDP is no longer a party for him to actualise his vision and his mission, there is nothing wrong but I don’t believe that it is going to happen because the governor has consistently told us that there is no way he will leave the PDP. If he leaves the PDP, people in Edo State will not be happy.

And he is somebody I have that trust in that he will not leave the party. This is a party that clothed him. This is a party that when it was raining, gave him an umbrella.”

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