Obituary poster of the late Nurse who was hit by a Tipper Truck on her way to work pops up

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The final Funeral Rite poster of the nurse who tragically died on her way to work after she was sadly hit by a Tipper truck has surfaced online.

Suuk Mouricia is a nurse at the Tamale west Hospital. She dies in a tragic accident while going on her night shift on Tuesday, November 24th 2020

Suuk Mouricia is her real name even tho people thought it was just her social media name. Mouricia is her late 20’s tho her real age isnt known yet

She attended the Kumasi Academy senior High School where she completed in 2011 before she continued to the Nursing Training school.

She is a registered nurse who has been working at the Tamale West Teaching hospital since 2017 and according to her Facebook Status, it indicated that she is a married woman even though it doesnt state who her husband is

Checkout the obituary below