“Older men are very good l!ckers than these young boys” Ghanaian Actress Amma Serwaah reveals

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Ghanaian Actress cum Fashion Designer Amma Serwaah has criticize Ghanaian Men especially the young men for their poor bedroom romance during love making. In an interview on etv, talking out of experience, the Actress revealed that Older men should never be underestimated when it comes to love making in the bedroom.

She revealed that older men are better in licking than the young men, She also revealed that all these men are interests in is only filling the honey pot of women with their sperm without caring about the special body need of their women during sexual interviews.

In her words, She said: “Those who are above 30 and 40 are able to lick well and well compared to these young men. If the older men start the licking process, they aint stopping till the lady becomes fully satisfied |