“Once an Ashawo always an Ashawo” Nana Tonardo fires Afia Schwar and Shugatiti for locking lips

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There is always a controversies surrounding female comedian Afia Schwar each time she steps out

A video of her kissing Instagram nudist Shugatiti is currently making headlines on social media

In the video the two locked lips for a second and social media users are not happy

Nana Tonardo has reacted to the video and according to him, he isnt surprised to see Afia in such manner

Nana Tonardo has once again given his fans something to talk about after he dropped a video and a caption attacking his arch nemesis Afia Schwar. In the video posted by Nana Tonardo, Afia Schwar is seen kissing her fellow woman and Instagram nudist Afia Schwar.

Tho the kiss was just for a second social media users are bashing both ladies for engaging in same sex affair. Tho both ladies have neither come out to confirm the rumors, social media users have already concluded that they are both lesbian are in a secret affair.

Nana Tonardo now known as Odii Tonardo has reacted to the video and according to him, Afia Schwar is a Prostitute who will forever remain one no matter the classiness she shows out to her fans. He wrote: TW3 To TW3 ON THE LOW😂😂😂 Ajeiiiii 🤣 ONCE A PROSTITUTE ALWAYS A PROSTITUTE…. Tag ASIBOLANGA 😂😂 Supi Supi SAN3🤣