Only Hammer Going Back to Music Would Resurrect Ghana’s Dead Hiplife Genre – Sexy Tinny

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Veteran hiplife star Tinny has declared that the genre is dead in Ghana.

According to ‘sexy’ Tinny, since the debut of Azonto and more hybrid genres, the pure form of Hiplife which we remember from the old days is dead and gone.

In the good old days you could listen to Lord Kenya, Tinny himself, Sarkodie, Reggie, Obrafour, Tic and others representing the genre.

These days, most of the top stars around are dancehall/afropop stars and even the pure stars like Sark are evolving.

“Hiplife is dead. You barely see people come up and say they want to be Hiplife artistes and I think it has something to do with time because even Hiphop has changed in America and I think even when Azonto came it caused some distraction to Hiplife,” Tinny said.

According to the ‘Makola Kwake’ hitmaker, there’s only one man who can save the genre in Ghana – the man who discovered and elevated Obrafour, Tinny, Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese and Edem, among others.

“…If we need Hiplife back we need Hammer back in the studio,” he added.