Operation Halt: The Approach For Fighting Galamsey Is Full Of Pretense And Rubbish-Prophet Kofi Oduro Fires

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Controversial clergyman, Prophet Kofi Oduro has reacted to the government approach of stopping illegal mining which has gained the media’s attention in recent times.

In a viral video monitored, the furious man of God stated that the manner in which the government is using to stop the illegal mining in Ghana is a mere acting and pretense because they know all involved in the illegal mining.

”The people who are chasing the galamseyers know the people who are doing the galamsey, and it is all some acting, pretense and all kinds of thing. But you know the people who do these things why do you sit on television calling peoples’ names… this person. Rubbish! when you know them you go after them, that is rule of law go after them, arrest them! put them before the law court and let them face the law.”

He stressed that the approach is nonsense and rubbish because the government should rather arrest all those involved in the illegal mining because those deployed know those involved in the galamsey.

The man of God stated that these illegal miners must rather be arrested and face the law instead of deploying military men to burn down excavators.