Outrage As Man Throws His House Help From The Balcony Of A Two-Storey Building- See Photos

Twitter users are currently raging after a user named @Obaino_ reported that that a man named Emeka Igwe threw his house help out from the balcony of a two-storey building.

According to @Obaino_ the incident happened at Niger street opposite New Day Fast Food in Aba, Abia state. This was disclosed in a tweet on Saturday, January 9. He also shared pictures of the victim whose mouth was bloodied.

He wrote;

“She’s a house help. Her master dropped her from the balcony of the 2nd floor of a 2 storey building  Location is 204 Niger opposite Newday fast food Aba. Please let’s make this trend and get her justice

“Her Oga’s name is Emeka Igwe. He’s from Imo state.”

Some reactions read;

@LizQuee08377741 wrote;

“What’s with people treating “housemaids” inhumanly? Why do they always believe they are less as a human being than their bosses are? God Africans. In the first place, this is even a crime because it’s child labour and most likely unpaid. Then attempted murder? Of a child?”

@reneedesqartez wrote;

“Damn that’s attempted murder, please get the police and human rights organisations involved, the psycho has to face justice for this evil act.”

@missglasgow88 wrote;

“I’m in Scotland UK and just seen this tweet 💔 Looks like slavery never ended. That poor child needs help @NigeriaGov @PoliceNG_CRU @NigeriaNewsdesk”

@Henry5stars wrote;

“Former slaves becoming slave lords. Their fight for freedom was never about hatred for inhuman treatment, it was a quest to become one themselves. I don’t know why this keeps happening in the East. May God help everyone to raise their kids by their self”

See photos below;

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