Over 10,000 people sign petition to Ban Counselor Lutterodt from Radio and TV.

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It seems loud mouth controversial counselor Lutterodt will soon be taken off the Radios and TVs as over 10, 000 people have signed an online petitions for him to be Banned from Radio and TVs.

Counselor Lutterodt spark a controversy after he said Rape Victims sometimes enjoy the act. This statement didnt go down well with many people both men and women who really back lashed the counselor.

This online petition was initiated by one Ivy Prosper on change.org and she has been able to get over 10,000 petition to ban the counselor from radio and TV.

The Petition said: This Petition is to ask media outlet in Ghana to stop giving George Lutterodt a platform to spread his damaging message to the masses.

The Ghana Psychology council already has told the media last year that they should stop making reference to him and stop having him as a commentator. The Psychology council has said that he is not qualified for the title of counselor and he is not licensed.

We Implore the media house, newspaper, online sites, radio station to ban him from further appearances on TV and Radio Station.