Over 600 military men storm Dome Faase where two soldiers were beaten yesterday

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The residence of Dome Faase, a town near Kasoa has been deserted after the residents flew and even left their stores open.

It is reported that over 600 soldiers have stormed the town after the resident in the community attacked two army personnel.

It is alleged that some of the residence have fled leaving their open stores unclosed after tow helicopters belonging to the Ghana Armed forces dispatched in the area.

According to the story reported by Adom FM, the soldiers who were brutally assaulted by some residents were charged to protect a piece of Land of which the chief of the town claimed ownership of.

Some angry residents of the town went to the land to fight the soldiers, though they gave warning shots, the fearless residents attacked and overpowered them.

They burnt the cars and motor cycle belonging to the soldiers, tore their uniforms and struck one’s head with a machete.

Today, the 26th of August 2020, over 600 soldiers have stormed the town helping to fish out the attackers.