Owusu Bempah drops 19 Prophesies including deaths, fires, flood and a coup d’etat in 20121 during his watch night

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As common as it is in Ghana every 31st watch night, Prophets predict the happenings in the New Year to serve as a warning and call for intercessory prayers on behalf of those he prophesy about.

The Prophesies over the years have been about the deaths and disasters but also of political wins. Below are some Prophesies Prophet owusu Bempah revealed for the New Year.

  1. National Democratic Congress Flag bearer, John Dramani Mahama will lose his 2020 election petition at the supreme court.
  2. A great King will die
  3. The death of a person who has ruled Ghana before.
  4. A great political party will be bereaved as they would lose one of their leaders.
  5. The death of a person who is likely to be President of Ghana.
  6. The death of a person who has controlled and managed the finances of he country before
  7. Fire outbreak may be rampant
  8. There may be earthquake. A certain country will experience the greater magnitude of it, Ghana will experience a lesser magnitude
  9. Two musicians may die. One old, one young
  10. There will be a plane crash with a prominent person onboard, Ghana exclusive.
  11. The NPP and NDC must be prayed for or else they will lose great leaders
  12. Drivers should be very careful in 2021, there will be alot of road carnage
  13. A greater leader in Nigeria will pass away
  14. I saw France being covered in dark clouds
  15. I saw the flag of Britain becoming Black which signified the death of a prominent person
  16. The death of a former President of the United State of America
  17. There will be flood and fire outbreaks in America
  18. There will also be flood in Ghana
  19. Finally, there might be a coup attempt in Ghana, which will destabilize the country